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Project and Notes

So I don't have to worry about style, only content. Yay MediaWiki!

Sculpture Projects

Beginning Sculpture Class Project

Arduino Projects

Sources for Parts and Pieces Great company out of NY with a great set of tutorials & focus on providing instruction with the parts you buy. Also very active in providing community outreach on their products and the maker movement. Out of Denver, another source for electronics. I like the inline comments on the product pages, usually very informative and a good source of potentials "gotcha's" people have encountered. Hawaiian roboticists in Las Vegas NV. Seems like a lot of good robotics parts and inventory. I like the detailed product pages they provide. Also, they have 2mm & 3mm shaft adaptors to Lego(tm) wheels!

[1] I wanted to start building larger robots and these guys had just the infrastructure I needed to do it. The Actobotics line of hardware is an upgrade to the Tamiya pieces I had been using. So instead of small-cat sized robots, I go up to large dog sized ones!


Dropping photos and images to remember here.

  • and so first item is to remember to add things...

Wiki Syntax

Yes I constantly need to look this up...

Other Stuff

Cigar Page

DVD Collection

Links to stuff

My Youtube Channel

Video Games

Getting started