Light-Phobic Robot

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A little robot the "runs" from the light, with beeps to indicate it's mode. Arduinos mounted on a wheeled platform.

I had this idea not long after just getting started working with Arduino's and learning to program them. It seemed like a very simple project at the time and something that would be do-able with the right parts and the knowledge from tutorials and the book I've been using.

I am starting to call it, RoboLiPho. It's cute.


  • 2 arduinos - I had to use two, one for sensors and one for the motor b/c of budget and hardware constraints. You could probably get away with just 1 and the "correct" setup of it.
  • Photo sensor
  • LED's for eyes
  • piezeo speaker for the noises
  • 2 power sources, one per arduino
  • Tamiya dual motor gearbox
  • Tamiya mounting platform
    • Anothercould be used or even heavy wood, but this simplified my construction needs
  • Adafruit ProtoShield
    • Again for ease of use and development
  • Seed Motor Shield v1.0
    • I got it onsale at Radioshack


To be done.

Project Log

  • Eyes done and tied in with photo sensor. Code hooks in place to use movement information.
    • Wheels and motors whould be delivered on Thursday!


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