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Arduino controlled music box. Using only the built in capabilities of the arduino and some LEDs to make it kind of a cool night light setup.


  • 3 x Blue LEDs
  • 1 arduino
  • 1 speaker (a membrane one is better for the quality of the sound)
  • Power??


To be done

Project Log

  • Having trouble getting the music to sync with the dimming of the LEDs. Seems that trying to time two different PWM using devices on the arduino leads to issues.
  • Initial project image showing music box in the mint tin hooked to an external speaker. Sizing will be an issue I think.
    • Music box rev001
  • Music and LED timing is FIXED!
    • Noisy video here: youtube link
    • Yeah, the star wars imperial march isn't very music boxy, but it came with the working code. Will modify to be more quiet time friendly.